Smart Loan
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Raise Capital through our smart loan solution

Smart Loan and investment solutions for both borrower and lender

You can raise capital to ease on cash flow or to scale your company by selling your future invoice

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Providing Working Capital to SME’S

B invoice Capital is a financial institution that offers alternative financing to your enterprise.

B Invoice Capital Provides working capital through alternative means of


Binvoice capital is a company that provides borrowers the option to raise money through alternative options like invoice discounting. Through our user-friendly platform, borrowers are able to apply and get funded within 42 hours of applying.

Deep Industry Experience

Our team has deep knowledge within the e-commerce, real estate and telecommunication industry space that allows us to have a better understanding of the needs & wants of our borrowers.

Fast And Efficient

We understand that the tradional ways of financing can be a long and lengthy process. Binvoice Capital will provide a fast and easy way of financing money.

Smart Innovation

Our smart platform allows ALL borrowers to upload the necessary documents via our cloud platform making the process of applying and receiving funding as quick as possible


Our e-wallet solution will give our borrowers the option to have an alternative bank account where they could get funded, receive and make payments with zero or very low transaction rates

Business Collaboration

Binvoice capital will help collaborate with your company to help you increase market size, launch new products & have better client relationship

Advantages of using Invoice discounting:

Improves Cash Flow

No Asset as collateral

Improves business relations

Reduces collection period

Smart Loan Solutions for Borrower and Lender

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